Development status (IL-6 inhibitors)

We, Peptilead Co,.Ltd, are a Japanese R&D company dedicatedly developing a full-scale (100% de novo) Structure Based Drug Design Platform (SBDD) for Peptide molecule (Cyclic Peptide), based on our original computational science algorithms developed over many years in the field. The platform code name is RPDP (Ring Peptide Design Platform). Our business model is to license its RPDP platform to global pharmaceutical companies who develops cyclic peptide-based pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Currently, as the final step in RPDP development to demonstrate its performance, as a first example, we have designed lead compound of IL-6 inhibitors cyclic peptides and now have entered to the process of synthesis and evaluation. Besides our main business model to license RPDP platform, we also aim to license our developed lead compounds of IL-6 inhibitors cyclic peptide to global pharmaceutical companies. Medium-molecule drugs are expected highly in the market as a new modality because of its performance advantages. We guarantee to demonstrate that RPDP is useful as a peptide drug discovery technology, specially, we are sure to provide our peptide design tooling that can get strong binding activities to proteins, which every researcher in pharmaceuticals and chemistry is targeting to achieve. *IL-6 (interleukin-6) is a type of cytokine.The effects of its excessive production are said to affect abnormal regulation of the immune system, abnormalities in blood components, induction of excessive inflammatory reactions, promotion of proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells, destruction of bone and cartilage, etc. Currently, two antibody drugs are available in Japan for IL6 inhibitors. For Tocilizumab (trade name ACTEMRA), it can be administered by intravenous infusion or subcutaneous injection. Sarilumab (trade name Kevzara) is administered by subcutaneous injection. The realization of IL-6 inhibitors in peptides allows them to be used in oral medicines.

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